Staff Training

Before hiring, all team members are videotaped and every past job reference is called and verified. Our employees are put through a three (3) week training program, then tested and retested. If an employee does not pass our collection tests they will not be hired.

All team members are continually evaluated on the success and effectiveness of the accounts being worked. Daily reporting from team leaders are updated for the most comprehensive audit control available. Using the information, the team leaders can recommend specific training to an individual team member.

Success with ProCollect begins prior to placement of your accounts. We pride ourselves on the understanding of your company, then using that knowledge to train our staff. We realize that a well trained staff provides consistency and stability to our company, resulting in higher returns. Our commitment to our employees is evident by the fact that we have developed into an organization capable of meeting the needs of clients in this constantly changing industry.

The Collection Training for employees includes:

  • FDCPA – Fair Debt Collections Practices Act Law and Updates
  • FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act American Collectors Association collection practices and training seminars.
  • Skip Tracing and Credit Bureau Training
  • Account and Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Bankruptcy Laws
  • Apartment Lease Training
  • Balance In Full or Payment Plan Arrangement
  • Listening and Understanding the Debtor