Company Reports

ProCollect offers our clients many different reports. In addition to our standard reports, we can customize a report to satisfy your company’s needs. All of our company reports are available on-line.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is our most comprehensive and commonly requested report. This one report will keep your outstanding collections up to date and organized, allowing your staff the ability to review the accounts placed, amount of money placed, amount of money collected, and collection percentages in an easy to read report.

Debtor Inventory Report

The Debtor Inventory Report is a list of all accounts placed for collections including; name of the debtor, account number, original amount placed, outstanding balance, date account placed for collections, and account status. This report can be run alphabetically or by placement date.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements show all accounts collected with a check for your portion. The statement includes the debtors name, your specific account number, our account number, amount paid, balance remaining, and status of account: Paid In Full, Settled, or Active.

Client Acknowledgement Report

When accounts are placed for collections, an Acknowledgement letter is mailed or emailed to your company and lists all new accounts placed for collections.  FDCPA compliant letters are mailed to each debtor to notify them of the assignment.

Trend Report

The Trend Report tracks the collections on a particular month’s placements giving you the ability to follow the returns for those placements, month by month and year by year. The longer the accounts remain with ProCollect, the higher our returns.

Balance Reports

The Balance Report segregates all accounts by dollar amount into four ranges: $0 – $500, $501-$1500, $1501-$2500, and over $2500.  This report provides insight into the dollar amount your past residents have the ability to pay and helps us fine tune campaigns to increase returns.