Welcome to ProCollect

As one of the nation’s premier debt collection agencies, our goal is to achieve the best possible collection returns for our clients while treating debtors with respect and understanding. Focused on superior staff training, state of the art technology, and the highest commitment to customer service, ProCollect has been earning the trust of our clients since 1995.

Our Technology

Our I.T. Department has designed and written the software to be specifically used for our needs. We are constantly improving and updating the technology to give us the best advantage over our competition and debtors.

Company Reports

ProCollect offers our clients many different reports. In addition to our standard reports, we can customize a report to satisfy your company’s needs. All of our company reports are available on-line.

Submit Debt

For the benefit of our clients, we employ a variety of solutions for placing accounts with our company. Our flexibility ranges from the format the accounts are placed, to the method of delivery the accounts are transferred.